Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre


(1998, Geneva; 31 staff;

A world authority on human displacement that analyzes “situations of displacement caused by conflict and violence, disasters and development.” By working closely with partners on the ground, they obtain data on the scale, scope and patterns of displacement, and try to identify new incidents of displacement and monitor their evolution over time.  Extensive amounts of data and analysis are provided.


  • Annual reports
  • Global Internal Displacement Database (GIDD)
  • Country analysis and daily updates
  • Mid-year figures, expert opinions
  • Annual Global Report on Internal Displacement’(GRID)
  • Displacement Downtown. An interactive way to showcase the immense scale of displacements and their impacts on lives, as well as create empathy for those affected.

Leadership: Alexandra Bilak (Director), Hacen Mohammedi (Executive Officer)

Budget: $3.7m (2017)

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