IMD Global Center for Sustainability Leadership

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1990, Lausanne; develop global leaders


(1990, Lausanne, Switzerland;

A division of the highly-rated International Institute for Management Development, formed in 1990 by merger of two business schools.  The Global Center’s mission is “developing successful global leaders who will create the sustainable institutions of tomorrow.”  Its corporate membership-driven CSL Learning Platform seeks to ensure that research and  content reflect realities and best practices in seven areas: 1) Sustainable leadership; 2) Sustainability and innovation; 3) Sustainability in the luxury industry; 4) Assessing the efficiency of sustainability supply chains; 5) Business response to the climate change and energy challenge; 6) Sustainable agriculture, and 7) New financial business models for the sustainable enterprise.  IMD publishes the annual World Competitiveness Yearbook that benchmarks performance of 61 countries based on >300 criteria, Quest (a book addressing the seven transformation journeys that are reshaping corporations today), Global Readiness Surveys on such topics as the Globalization Capability Gap, and >100 Case Studies per year.  IMD seeks to “walk the talk” on sustainability by improving the sustainability performance of its entire business school.  Francisco Szekely director.  4 CSL staff.

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