Hivos (1968; The Hague; 384 staff;

Is an “international organization that seeks new solutions to persistent global issues.” It sets up “smart projects in the right places in order to oppose discrimination, inequality, abuse of power, and the unsustainable use of the planet’s resources.” It strives for “sustainable economies and inclusive societies” by working to achieve structural change through “cooperation with innovative businesses, citizens and their organizations.”

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    • Making Civic Space Resilient: Covid update (December 2020, 32p): “In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cordaid and Hivos consulted their partners to take stock of the different ways the pandemic – and government measures to fight it – have affected civil society organizations (CSOs).”
    • Sustainable diets and Covid-19 (September 2020, 8p): “Hivos and IIED through their Sustainable Diets for All (SD4All) program are launching a new paper that calls upon governments to adopt crisis mitigation measures that are truly green and inclusive.”

Leadership: Edwin Huizing (Executive Director), Michel Farkas (COO)
Budget:  € 69.9 m (2019)

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