Heinrich Boll Stiftung

In Brief

1986, Berlin; “The Green Political Fdn”; Green Academy; offices in 30 countries; tied to Green Party; Annual Report


(1986, Berlin; www.boell.de/en)

The German Green Party’s political foundation: a Green think tank, a laboratory where reform proposals are being tested, and an international network with 30 offices worldwide, which cooperates with >200 partners in >60 countries. Activities: 1) promotes democratic reforms and social innovation, 2) works on ecological policies and sustainable development on a global level, 3) provides space for the presentation of and debate on art and culture, 4) transfers knowledge and skills from experts to political actors, 5) provides a forum for open debate and promotes dialogue between politics, business, academia, and society, 6) supports talented students active on socio-political issues both in Germany and abroad, 7) documents the history of the Green movement in order to promote research and provide political inspiration; 8) places strong emphasis on gender equality. Maintains 11 websites (e.g., European Greens) and 8 blogs (e.g., Green New Deal). Its “Green Memory” is divided into 3 sections: historical archive of the Party’s evolution, collections (e.g., video recordings and web content), and the archive library (25,000 volumes and 2,100 periodicals related to Green politics and activities, and social movements more generally). Work specifically focused on ecology covers six areas: Living Green, Resources, Energy Transition, Climate, Urban Development, and Agriculture. 135 staff in Berlin. CEO: Dr. Livia Cotta.

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