Health and Environment Alliance

Health and Environment Alliance
(2003; Brussels; 15 staff;

Is a nonprofit organization “addressing how the environment affects human health in the European Union (EU) and beyond.” It works to “shape laws and policies that promote planetary and human health, protect those most affected by pollution, and raise awareness on the benefits of environmental action for health.” HEAL’s over 90 member organizations include “international, European, national and local groups of health professionals, nonprofit health insurers, patients, and citizens.” As an alliance, it “brings independent and expert evidence from the health community to EU and global decision-making processes to inspire disease prevention and a toxic-free, low-carbon, fair and healthy future.”

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  • Position Papers
  • Reports
    • Turning the plastic tide (September 2020, 26p): “introduces readers to health concerns over our exposure to the chemicals coming at play throughout the entire lifecycle of plastics. It unwraps the grave challenge that the chemicals constituents involved at every stage – monomers, additives – pose to achieve a clean and healthy circular economy.”

Leadership: Génon K. Jensen (Executive Director)
Budget: € 1,21 m (2019)

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