Green Century Funds

Green Century Funds (1991; Indianapolis; 19 staff;

Tries “to help people save for their future without compromising their values. Aims to find new, innovative ways to use the power of investing to create change; with momentum growing every day.


  • Investing in sustainable companies: Green Century seeks to invest in environmental innovators and sustainable companies, including companies involved in energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable agriculture.
  • Leading Shareholder Advocacy: Even corporate sustainability leaders have room for improvement, which is why Green Century works with dozens of companies each year to adopt policies around reducing climate change, protecting tropical forests, promoting animal welfare, and safeguarding water supplies.
  • Support of Environmental and Public Health Non-Profits: One hundred percent of the profits earned managing the Green Century Funds are used to support the environmental and public health work of our non-profit owners.

Leadership: Leslie Samuelrich (President)

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