Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (Washington + six local offices; 13 staff; >300 partners;

This global network brings “together governments, the private sector, and civil society organizations dedicated to using the data revolution to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.” It aims to galvanize innovation and action in “the booming data ecosystems of the 21st century”. They offer information about how to utilize the data and online trainings and work with partners in 10 countries of the south with whom they started 22 initiatives. Established the Collaborative on SDG Data Interoperability in cooperation with the UN Statistics Division to bring together many different actors and initiatives. Overall, they have >300 partner organizations that contribute to their database, and initiatives such as the Data for Development Festival.


  • Research, case studies
  • Principles, standards, methods, and good practices
  • Data toolbox
  • Platforms and applications
  • Training and capacity building

Leadership: Claire Melamed (CEO)

[SUB: Info Portals, Data Portals, Data Initiatives, Sustainable Development Data, Sustainable Development Goals, Data for Sustainability]


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