Global Land Tool Network

In Brief

2005, Nairobi; land and property rights for all; run by UN Habitat


(2005/6, Nairobi;

“Securing Land and Property Rights for All.” Facilitated by UN Habitat, GLTN seeks to contribute to poverty alleviation and the Millennium Development Goals through land reform, improved land management, and security of tenure. “Most developing countries use conventional land administration systems which cover less than 30% of the country, leaving up to 70% of citizens looking to informal and/or customary approaches for their tenure security.” Conventional land title approaches have largely failed, and “a range of land tenure options is more appropriate.” GLTN core values: sustainability, subsidiarity, pro-poor, equity, and affordability. Goals: to improve dissemination of knowledge about improving security of tenure, and develop pro-poor land tenure tools. Six year budget: $40 million for the second Phase 2012-2017; operates seven projects, each with five themes. GLTN has a Steering Committee, International Advisory Board, regional and national Partners, individual members, and the Secretariat. The Steering Committee is composed of representatives from various UN-Habitat units, and serves as the GLTN decision-making body. Publishes the GLTN Newsletter (now #8). [Note: Security of land tenure is an important but often-overlooked facet of sustainable development. MM]

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