Global Green Growth Forum

In Brief

2011, Copenhagen;


(2011, Copenhagen;

“It is overwhelmingly evident that the world’s current economic growth model is no longer sustainable.”  The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs established the Forum, which now includes six other countries (Korea, Mexico, China, Keyna, Qatar, and Ethiopia), “to realize the potential for long-term, inclusive green growth.”  Annual summits have been held since 2013 to promote business/government/NGO partnerships.  Key themes include the circular economy as key driver of green growth, green public procurement, a greener food chain, and reducing deforestation.  Secretariat Head: Geert Aagaad Andersen.  [Note:  Also see the Global Green Growth Institute in Korea, and the Green Growth Knowledge Platform set up by GGGI, OECD, UNEP, and World Bank.]

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