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2010, LaFayette NY; new books on S&S topics; Michael Marien


(2010, LaFayette NY;

Website devoted to identifying new futures-oriented “current affairs” books published since 2009. It now has information on more than 5,000 recent titles, arranged in 30 overlapping categories, including Security (380 titles), Sustainability (250 titles), and related areas of Human Rights (100 titles), Development (250 titles), Climate Change (310 titles), Water (90 titles), Energy (220 titles), Food and Agriculture (150 titles), Cities (210 titles), Transportation (60 titles), and Governance (350 titles). Also includes Book of the Month reviews and Recommended Books.  Michael Marien director.  [Note: Work on this website has been suspended so as to develop the S&S Guide.  Nevertheless, it can serve as a model information portal for new books—a category noticeably absent from other portals.  MM]

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