Global Ecological Integrity Group

In Brief



(1992, Toronto;

“Sustaining global ecological integrity and human health through science, ethics, and the law… Our mandate is to push the boundaries of scholarly endeavor through inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary engagement on matters affecting and governing the sustainability of life.” GEIG has 250 scholars and researchers worldwide, from diverse disciplines, Four partners: 1) Global Network on Human Rights and the Environment (GNHRE), publisher of Journal of Human Rights and the Environment; 2) Special Group on Water and Wetlands established under the auspices of the Commission on Environmental Law of IUCN; 3) The International Union for Conservation of Nature, Commission on Environmental Law (CEL); one of 7 IUCN Commissions; 4) Earth Charter International ( and its “Earth Charter Initiative” begun in 2000. GEIG holds annual conferences in various global locations. Recent publications: Confronting Ecological and Economic Collapse (Earthscan, 2013), Human Health and Ecological Integrity (Earthscan, 2012), Globalization, Violence, and World Governance (Brill, 2011). President: Laura Westra, York University, Toronto.

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