Global Commission on the Economy and Climate

In Brief


(2013, London;

Seeks to make a much more compelling economic case for action to move towards a significantly more carbon-efficient and climate-resilient pathway of economic growth. Five Goals of the “New Climate Economy Project”: 1) Examine the relationship between core economic goals, such as growth, investment, employment, poverty reduction and income distribution, and policies towards climate risk and mitigation; 2) – Create a common, rigorous and unbiased understanding of the relative risks and opportunities of low- and high-carbon economic trajectories; 3) Explore the possible pathways to a lower-carbon, more climate-resilient economy, and the choices and trade-offs involved in such a transition, including the speed of change; 4) Analyse how such trade-offs can best be managed, both through public policy, and through private actions of businesses and investors; 5) Examine the implications for both core economic objectives and wider social outcomes such as improved health, energy security and food security, especially in the poorest countries. The 14-member Economics Advisory Panel, chaired by Nichols Stern, reviews the Project work. Publication: The New Climate Economy: Project Report (Sept 2014), concludes with a Global Action Plan. Also publishes a Newsletter. Chair: Felipe Calderon (former President of Mexico); Co-Chair: Nicholas Stern (LSE); 21 members of the Project Team.

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