Global CCS Institute

In Brief

2009, Victoria, Aust; a.k.a. Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute


(2009; Docklands, Victoria, Australia;

The Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute is an independent non-profit that seeks to accelerate the development, demonstration, and deployment of CCS globally, and create favorable conditions to implement CCS—a vital, safe, and clean technology. “CCS is an integral part of a low-carbon future.” Includes 370 members from more than 40 countries, covering 80% of the world’s CO2 emissions. The February 2014 Annual Review proudly announces a 50% increase in CCS projects worldwide since 2011. Other publications: Five-Year Strategic Plan (in four languages), Global Status of CCS, The Global CCS Institute Constitution, and Meeting the Climate Change Challenge factsheet. Chair: Paul Douglas; CEO: Brad Page.

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