Global Call of Climate Action

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(2009, Montreal;

A network of >450 nonprofit organizations in >70 countries to keep the world “safe from runaway climate change” by mobilizing public support for action through faith-based, development, science, environment, youth, labor, and other civil society organizations.  Seven strategic foci: 1) Telling the story of the climate movement via social media channels, e-mail lists, Negotiator Trackers, and special tailor-made initiatives; 2) Facilitating collaboration; 3) Keeping people up to date, with Fresh Air Brief, a concise and comprehensive weekly summary of climate-related developments; 4) Influencing public discourse: via The Tree, a network of nearly 2,000 thought leaders and other influential communicators working to change public discourse on climate change in Australia, China (Mandarin), Europe (English, French), Latin America (Spanish) and North America (English, French); 5) Building the supporter base of partner organizations via coalitions such as #FastForTheClimate and ACT Alliance; 6) Offering free digital resources specially designed for partner organizations, e.g., the Resource Library, which contains categorized articles, photos, graphics; 7) Engaging partners in strategic conversations through surveys, consultations and retreats that explore theories of planned change.

Offers and supports many specific initiatives, e.g.: Climate leaders summit; The Tree rapid response network; Adopt-a-Neighbor (750 young people from 72 countries “tracking” UN climate negotiators); Microsites, such as the Global Catholic Climate Movement; Digital resources; Social media and graphics distribution; UN conference activities; Building regional capacity (e.g., Elders and Youngers); Panels and events; Arab youth movement; Date with History (80m young people involved, culminating in Brittany Trilford’s opening  speech to the Rio +20 Summit).  Issues an Annual Report. Expenditures in 2014: $2.1m. Executive Director: Antonio Hill.  20 staff.

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