German Institute for International and Security Affairs

In Brief

SWP; 1962, Berlin since 2001; >130 staff; 7 research divisions incl Global Issues, International Security, and Middle East


(1962, Berlin; 2001, Brussels;

Advises political decision-makers on international politics and foreign and security policy, primarily the German government and Bundestag, and relevant international organizations such as the European Union, NATO and the United Nations.  Eight Research Divisions:  EU/Europe, International Peace and Security, The Americas, Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Middle East and Africa, Asia, and Global Issues (economics, climate, resources, demographics).  Public information services on world affairs and area studies.  Lists 1521 publications as of June 2016, including SWP Research Papers, SWP Comments, Point of View, and Nomos Books.  Prof. Dr. Volker Perthes, Director and Executive Chair of Board.  140 staff.

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