Fraunhofer USA


Fraunhofer USA (1994; Plymouth MI; several centers,  )

The American branch of a big applied science society owned by the German state. Out of the over 80 centers, 9 are located in the US. Most notably the:

  • Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (Boston, MA), which works with “solar photovoltaics, smart energy-efficient buildings, and grid technologies” and tries to provide “a platform for deeply integrating distributed energy resources through collaborative R&D with private companies, government entities, and academic institutions.”
  • Center for Energy Innovation at (2013) at the University of Connecticut, that develops advanced technologies related to energy storage, fuel cells, in-stream hydro, power management and distribution.


  • A regular updated blog and news page
  • Reports and research portfolios
  • Videos and podcasts

Leadership: Prof. Dr. Thomas Schuelke (Executive Vice President)

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