Food & Water Watch

In Brief

2005, Washington; 60 staff; affordable/healthy food; clean water


(2005, Washington;

An American public interest organization active internationally that “champions healthy food and clean water by standing up to corporations and protecting our environment.”  Fully funded through members, individual donors, and foundation grants. Engages and mobilizes citizens politically through person-to-person, on-the-ground organizing, educational campaigns and new media technologies. National (US) campaigns: 1) Label foods made with Genetically Engineered Organisms (GMOs); 2) Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership; 3) Ban Fracking on Our Public Lands; 4) Public Water for All (i.e., public ownership of water utilities); 5) Stop Antibiotic Use (overuse of antibiotics on factory farms); 6) Take Back the Tap (promoting tap water over bottled water).  Campaigns are designed to address big problems: broken democracy, climate change, corporate control of food and water, fracking, global trade and pollution trading.  Advocates for fair policies (e.g., by partnering with legislators), takes legal action, organizes for change (via more than 30 field organizers in the US) and publishes a variety of research and policy analyses (e.g., Factory Farm Nation, 2015, 50p).  Provides an annual report. The board of directors has an international composition.  2013 expenses: $13.5m.  Founder and Executive Director: Wenonah Hauter. 20 staff.

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