Fondation pour la recherche strategique

In Brief

1948, France; leading defense/security think tank


(1998, Paris;

Conducts studies and specialized continuing education for French ministries and agencies, European institutions, international organizations, and businesses. Contribute to the strategic debate in France and abroad.  Organized around five major themes: 1) Military and Strategic Issues (nuclear proliferation, biological/chemical disarmament, space, missile defense); 2) Strategy, Industry and Technology (industrial issues, defense economics, technology policies, control of sensitive technologies); 3) Nature of Crises and Conflicts (prevention, management, stabilization, reconstruction); 4) Security of the State and the Citizen (terrorism, technology policies, natural and industrial disasters, risk management, ethics and technology, health and safety, water management, safety and environment; 5) Issues of Defense and Security in Strategic Regional Areas (Europe, US, Russia and CIS, Asia, Mediterranean and Arab-Muslim world, sub-Saharan Africa). Funded by its work for clients. Publishes several collections of books, proceedings of its public seminars, “FRS Notes,” and “FRS Debates.” Director: Camille Grand; 38 staff.

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