European Political Strategy Center

European Political Strategy Center

(2014; Brussels; 59 staff;

The European Commission’s in-house think tank, established by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, and operating directly under his authority. Tasked with a mission to innovate and disrupt. Provides the President and the College of Commissioners with strategic analysis and forward-looking policy advice. Has a mandate to engage in foresight and anticipatory governance, spearheading the European Commission’s involvement in the European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS)– the EU inter-institutional collaboration that aims to build preparedness for upcoming challenges and opportunities. Focuses on topics like economy and finance, the future of Europe, security and defense, global Europe, digital and innovation, social Europe, foresight, and sustainability.

The EPSC also seeks to facilitate communication and outreach with decision-makers, think tanks and civil society at large. The staff possesses public and private sector experience, data visualization and design, financial expertise and legal advice, social media abilities and political insight.

Conducts interdisciplinary research, collaborative projects and organizes events like hearings, conferences, leadership academies – e.g. “High-Level Hearing: A European Union Strategy for Artificial Intelligence” (March 2018).


  • ~100 strategic notes, reports, newsletters, briefs, videos and trends
  • HIGHLIGHT: Five Presidents’ Report Series – A series on topics like good governance, living standards or European foreign policy.

Leadership: Ann Mettler (Head)

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