European Environment Agency

In Brief

1993, Copenhagen;; Megatrends Reports


(1993, Copenhagen;

An agency of the European Union with 33 member countries, tasked to provide sound, independent information on the environment and environmental policy for the general public. The regulation establishing the EEA also established the European Environment Information and Observation Network (, involving some 1000 experts and >350 institutions in collecting and organizing data. EEA’s mandate is to help the EC and member countries to make informed decisions about improving the environment, integrating environmental considerations into economic policies, and moving towards sustainability. “Environmental Topics” websites include air pollution, biodiversity, climate change, land use, water, noise, soil, waste, coasts, environmental technology, policy instruments, and five “PRELUDE” environmental scenarios. Publishes an Annual Report and special reports, e.g.: Resource-Efficient Green Economy and EU Policies (July 2014), on forces underlying the green transition.

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