Emerging Markets Dialogue on Green Finance and Financial Sector Stability

Emerging Markets Dialogue on Green Finance and Financial Sector Stability (2013; Eschborn, Bonn Germany; 5 staff; 38 partner organizations; http://www.emergingmarketsdialogue.org )

Initiated by the German Agency for International Co-operation (GIZ) – a government agency and one of three interconnected networks of the “Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues”.

It acts as a dialogue platform for 38 major international organizations in the area of finance and sustainability.  As such it seeks “to advance the development of sustainable financial systems that foster the transformation towards economies that positively affect the environment and human lives.”  It “collaborates closely with banks, institutional investors, stock exchanges, regulatory bodies, and other financial institutions from G20 economies to integrate environmental, social and governance indicators into mainstream financial decision-making processes, risk management as well as product and market development.” They work through thematic initiatives that hold events and create publications on their respective topics.


  • Environmental Risk Scenario Analysis
  • Green Assets Wallet,
  • Sustainable Banking
  • Green Bond Market Development
  • Environmental Stress Testing
  • Sustainable Stock Exchanges
  • Water Risk in Corporate Bond Analysis
  • Fintech & Sustainability
  • Natural Capital & Finance

Leadership: Yannick Motz  (Director)

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