Council on Energy, Environment and Water

Council on Energy, Environment and Water (2010; New Delhi; 73 staff;

A non-partisan think tank. It works towards “the use, reuse, and misuse of resources” employing a mixed approach that gathers “data, integrated analysis, and strategic outreach” with an international scope to influence public and private institutions and engage with the wider public.

Focus Areas:


    • Mapping India’s Energy Subsidies 2020 (April 2020, 76p) – This report “examines how India’s energy subsidy policies changed, the most significant developments in the dynamic energy policy environment and whether public support aligned with India’s desired energy future.”
    • Energy Safety Nets: India Case Study (February 2020, 69p) – This study is “first-of-its-kind research to inform best practices at the intersection of energy policy and social assistance to protect very poor, vulnerable and marginalised people.”


  • An online calendar of past and upcoming webinars, conferences, dialogues, and panels

Leadership: Arunabha Ghosh (Founder & CEO) and Jamshyd Godrej (Chairman of the Board of Trustees)
Budget: $1.8m (2019)

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