Club of Madrid

In Brief

2001, Madrid


(2001; Madrid, Spain;

An independent organization of 96 former Presidents and Prime Ministers from 63 democratic countries, supporting democratic leadership and governance, and better response to crisis and post-crisis situations. Recent programs: 1) The Shared Societies Project to promote long-term inclusive and sustainable growth; seeks to reduced excessive inequality and promote social cohesion in the interests of shared global stability and prosperity, through a Global Shared Societies Agenda; 2) Energy and Climate Change seeks a globally effective post-2012 climate agreement and universal access to clean energy as key to poverty alleviation; 3) Democracy, Security, and Terrorism seeks to address problems of terrorism. The Club of Madrid Foundation Inc. (COMFI) is a grant-making foundation conceived in October 2004. President: Vaira Vike-Freiberga; Secretary General: Carlos Westendorp.

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