Climate Outreach

Climate Outreach (2004; Oxford, UK; 25 staff;

“Europe’s leading climate change communicator,” aiming “to increase public understanding and awareness” of climate change.

Social scientists and communication specialists focused on climate change communication; based in UK but with worldwide operations. Resources include a host of categories of reports, visuals, video, for others to use in efforts to educate and spread information concerning climate change. The Research Library contains a rich resource of current environmental research papers.

Dr. Adam Corner, research director, is a frequent contributor to the Guardian and New Scientist.

Major project:  Climate Visuals , the public-access image bank associated with Climate Outreach, has recently launched a joint grant project with Getty Images, open to photojournalists from around the world who are working to advance the visual narratives that  define the global climate crisis.

Leadership: Jamie Clarke (executive director)

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