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This non-profit news site reports on the issues at the intersection of climate change impacts and law, including government and corporate responsibility and accountability for global warming and its consequences. Pushes for a wider public discussion of the role of the law in addressing the wide-ranging impacts of climate change.  Significant focus is on the Exxon Climate Investigation, which accuses Exxon of covering up its knowledge of the impact of CO2 emissions on climate change.  CLN also has a strong interest in suits initiated by young people, e.g., Foster v. Ecology in Washington State, which asked the court in 2014 to force the Washington Department of Ecology to consider a petition to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The court acknowledged that the youth had the constitutional right to live in a healthful environment with the benefit of public trust resources and ruled that the state was not adequately reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.  The case resulted in Washington’s Clean Air Rule in 2016, however plaintiffs say the rule took too long and did not go far enough (it exempts the state’s only coal-fired generating station and other big polluters).  Lynn Zinser, Executive Editor of CLN, is a former Senior Editor for Inside Climate News, and spent 11 years as an editor, writer and digital producer for The New York Times.  CLN is a project funded by the non-profit, Climate Communications & Law.

Leadership: Lynn Zinser (Executive Editor, Founder)

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