Climate and Development Knowledge Network

Climate and Development Knowledge Network (2010, London;

Mission: “To support decision-makers in designing and delivering climate compatible development, i.e., minimizing the harm caused by climate impacts, while maximizing human development.” Focus on Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Managed by an alliance of organizations led by PricewaterhouseCoopers, and including Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano, the Overseas Development Institute, SouthSouthNorth and LEAD Pakistan.  Provides research, technical assistance, and advocacy in support of four themes: 1) Climate compatible development strategies and plans: participatory planning methods to foster partnerships between actors within different sectors (e.g.: Partnerships for Climate Compatible Development in Mozambique); 2) Climate finance: developing countries need an estimated US$100 billion per year in climate finance by 2020; 3) Climate-related disaster risk management: e.g., Ahmedabad India’s Heat Action Plan]; 4) Supporting climate negotiators from most vulnerable countries: e.g., the Latin American Platform on Climate
(2009) to develop national dialogue processes between governments and civil society. Issues various publications and working papers on many topics, e.g., “Promoting the use of climate information to achieve long-term development objectives in sub-Saharan Africa Funding”.  Funding: 7-year program funded at £120 million by the UK Department for International Development and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Management team: 8 members; CEO:  Sam Bickersteth (former head of program policy at Oxfam).

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