Climate Analytics


*Climate Analytics (2008, Berlin, Lome, NYC, Perth; 82 staff, 67 partner and 19 funding organizations;

A non-profit climate science and policy institute that tries to “synthesize and advance scientific knowledge in the area of climate change and link it with policy analysis.” They focus on the most vulnerable regions, largely the least developed countries and small island states. Their work includes climate impact and risk assessments, defining adaptation requirements, damage and policy analysis, implementation strategies, global climate diplomacy, etc.  They frequently host events like lectures, workshops, symposiums, and presentations.   Much of their work is done through projects that focus on certain regions and topics. They have a big library of relevant publications.


  • Annual reports
  • Peer-reviewed articles
  • Briefings, working papers, and reports
  • Brochures and presentations
  • HIGHLIGHT: Climate Action Tracker Reports – “An independent science-based assessment tracking all countries‘ emission reduction pledges and their implementation.”

Leadership: Dr. Bill Hare (CEO)

Budget: $4.2m (2017)

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