Climate Action Network Europe

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2011 [?], Brussels;; 120 orgs


(2011 [?], Brussels;

Over 120 member organizations in 30+ European countries. Mission: “to support and empower civil society organizations to influence the design and development of an effective global strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure its implementation at international, national and local levels in the promotion of equity and sustainable development.”  (CAN Worldwide is a network of more than 700 Non-Governmental Organizations.) Policy areas: 1) UN Climate Negotiations: governments need to agree on a global emissions phase-out goal in Paris to operationalize the 2°C limit; 2) Climate and Finance Development:  EU climate change policy must be aligned with the goals of poverty eradication and long-term environmental sustainability; 3) Emissions Trading Scheme: a gigantic surplus of more than 2.1 billion spare pollution permits has driven prices so low that the EU ETS no longer facilitates the transition towards a renewable and energy efficient economy; 4) Energy Savings: EU Heads of State endorsed an EU-wide target to reduce energy use by 20% by 2020, but the energy saving target is still non-binding and at risk; 5) Renewables: CAN Europe is committed to supporting and promoting renewables as the main source of energy for European society; 6) Coal: advocates a coal-free Europe and the end of European funding for coal world-wide.  Each of the policy areas produces publications and other media.  Annual reports provide information about strategy, decision-making and finances.  Budget: ~$1.5M/year; Director: Wendel Trio.  19 staff.

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