Climate Accountability Institute

In Brief

2011, Snowmass CO; “Carbon Majors” report


(2011, Snowmass CO;

Engages in research and education on anthropogenic climate change.  Mission: “to use climate accountability as a fulcrum for climate stewardship.”  Co-founder Richard Heede’s research concludes that nearly two-thirds of carbon dioxide emitted since the 1750s can be traced to the 90 largest fossil fuel and cement producers (the “Carbon Majors”), most of which still operate today.  Activities: 1) Communications and Publicity: to individuals and groups working in economics, GHG inventories, fossil fuels, climate and energy policy, stranded assets and fossil reserves, law, ethics and philosophy, climate science, investing and divesting, insurance, shareholder activism, corporate accountability, finance, gadfly work, and thought-leaders; 2) Collaborative Work: with Union of Concerned Scientists, Oxford University, Carbon Tracker, etc.; 3) Research and Thinking: e.g., model the temperature response to Carbon Major’s historic production and attributed emissions of carbon dioxide and methane.  Publications include  “The Climate Responsibilities of Industrial Carbon Producers” (with UCS, Aug 2015, 4p)..  Board of Advisors includes Michael Mann and co-founder Naomi Oreskes (author of Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming).  Directors: Richard Heede, Sally Ranney, Carroll Muffett (President and CEO of the Center for International Environmental Law).

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