ClientEarth UK

ClientEarth UK (2007; London; ~140 staff, 35 associates;

An environmental law firm that sues governments and industries to protect forests and vulnerable species. Works with people and NGOs on the legal rights to bring forward environmental battles of their own. Has additional offices in China, Germany, Spain, France and Poland.

Work foci:

  • Climate, e.g., supporting a 23 year old who’s taken his pension fund to court over climate change;
  • Oceans, e.g., issuing a warning to the EU about overfishing;
  • Health, e.g., demanding to know why certain chemicals are included in food;
  • Forests, e.g., encouraging the EU to take action against the Polish government for breaking nature laws;
  • Energy, e.g., a court challenge to Bulgaria for skipping a pollution test at a power plant;
  • Wildlife, e.g., fighting plastics waste;
  • Rule of Law, e.g., threatening to force insurance companies to pay fines for inadequate reporting of climate risks.


Leadership: James Thornton (CEO)

Budget: ~£9m (2016)

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