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CGIAR, formerly known as the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, is a global partnership of international organizations focused on food security research. It is dedicated to increasing food security through its efforts to reduce rural poverty and improve human health and nutrition. CGIAR strives to ensure a more sustainable management of natural resources by funding and coordinating research and field operations.

Areas of interest:

  • Living within planetary boundaries
  • Sustaining food availability
  • Promoting equality of opportunity
  • Securing public health
  • Creating jobs and growth

Research centers


  • Mapping nature’s contribution to SDG 6 and implications for other SDGs at policy relevant scales (April 2020, 10p): “examines nature’s contribution to targets under SDG 6, also highlighting synergies with other key SDGs and trade-offs with agriculture. ”

Leadership: Frank Rijsberman (CEO)
Budget: $ 10.3m~

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