Centre for the Study of Security and Development

Centre for the Study of Security and Development

(1971; Dalhousie University, Halifax; 3 staff, 6 fellows; dal.ca/sites/cssd.html)

Formerly the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies. It is a network of scholars from political science, history, sociology, and law, and professionals from government service, the military and other fields.

Explores the intersections of security and development, e.g., environmental disruptions that trigger conflicts over natural resources and the spread of disease across national boundaries. Seeks to foster and maintain network connections between experts, facilitate research collaboration, help secure and administer grants and contracts, host conferences and outreach activities, and publish and promote the results of this work, in print and on-line. Provides an institutional home to the Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative (RDCSI) and offers a series of seminars, workshops, discussions and lectures.


  • Security and Development: Exploring the Intersections;
  • Regional Cooperation on Internal Security;
  • Evolution of Canadian Debates on Foreign Policy;
  • Rethinking Military Roles and Capabilities;
  • Evolution of Development Policy in a Complex World;
  • Conflict, Violence and the State;
  • Diplomacy and Institutions.


  • Books, Policy Papers, Occasional Papers, Research Notes
  • Formerly published the still affiliated journal Canadian Naval Review

Leadership: Anders Hayden (Acting Director)

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