Centre for Science and Environment

In Brief

1980, New Delhi; major think tank; Green Rating of bus


(1980, New Delhi; www.cseindia.org).

Founded by Anil Kumar Agarwal, an outspoken advocate for improving the environmental and social conditions of India’s poor.  “Researches into, lobbies for and communicates the urgency of development that is both sustainable and equitable; pushing for answers and transforming them into policy and so practice”  Five core programs: 1) Communication for Awareness: periodicals, publications, films/short spots, briefing papers, exhibitions, posters, features service, website, e-news bulletins, etc.; 2) Research and Advocacy: “knowledge-based environmental activism” generates books and ideas  as the basis for promoting policy change; 3) Education and Training:  practical workshops, e.g., the Ecological Footprint Project, which consists of eco-tours, lectures, and poster competitions that teach children about the ecological dimensions of their city; 4) Knowledge Portal: curated and cross-tagged document via a thesaurus of 8000 environmental and geographic terms; 5) Pollution Monitoring: an independent, analytical laboratory that measures toxic contamination to advocate for improved regulation.

The CNE web net links to 9 other action centers: 1) Down to Earth: an online and print newsletter bringing news, perspectives and knowledge on a wide variety of environmental topics, e.g., “The Dynamics of Tiger Management”; 2)  Gobar Times: for children; over 15,000 schools involved; 3) Rainwater Harvesting: a technological solution, particularly for urban areas; 4) CSE Store: books, films, and GreenFiles distillations from 120 newspapers and magazines and 30 websites]; 5) India Environmental Portal: over 4,000,000 contextual, curated, cross-tagged specialized research reports and government documents; 6) Renewable Energy: data base of worldwide information; 7) Green Clearance Watch: helping communities to be a part of the environmental impact decision making process]; 8) India Climate Research Network: a collaboration of Centre for Science and Environment in New Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology Madras and Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore.  Issues an annual report.  Budget: 156M Rupees; Executive Staff: 11; Director General: Sunita Narain (sunita@cseindia.org).

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