Center for the Study of the Drone

Center for the Study of the Drone (2012; Annandale-on-Hudson NY, Washington ;

An interdisciplinary research institution based at Bard College NY “that examines the novel and complex opportunities and challenges presented by unmanned systems technologies in both the military and civilian sphere.” The stated goal is to enable “stakeholders, policy-makers, and the public with the resources to engage in a robust public debate and develop policies that best address those opportunities and challenges.”


  • A weekly roundup; a regular Counter-Drone Systems report;
  • Data Sheets on drone usage, patents and budgets;
  • General briefings and reports on private and public drone usage, as well as drone regulations, laws, and trends.
  • Highlight: Annual Drone Year in Review and annual study ‘Drones in the defense budget’

Leadership: Dan Gettinger (Co-Director), Arthur Holland Michel (Co-Director)

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