Center for International Climate and Environmental Research

Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (1995, Oslo; 68 staff;

Studies effects of manmade emissions on the climate, predicts societal response to climate change, and engages in formulating international agreements.  Focuses on: 1) Climate Policy: watches developments in the climate and energy policies of key countries, consults with climate negotiators, evaluates the UN approach and seeks alternatives; 2) Climate Finance: grades climate-friendly bonds with shades of green, i.e., an indication of how green investment projects really are, with solar and wind power investments being “dark green”; 3) China: long-term and widespread involvement with issues related to climate change; many partners, e.g., Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning; 4) The Arctic: emissions and climate impact, consequences and adaptations, socioeconomic drivers, e.g., trade for China and Europe due to opening of new shipping routes through the Arctic; 5) Local Solutions: ensuring that emission cuts and adaptation measures based in science and are most effective on the local level.  Publications and a newsletter are available through the website; English version of the website is under development. 66 staff.  Director: Kristin Halvorsen (Norway Minister of Finance and Minister of Education and Research, 2009-2013;

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