Center for Global Nonkilling

Center for Global Nonkilling (2002; Honolulu HI;

Is an international non-profit organization aiming to eradicate all forms of human killing “from homicide to genocide, terrorism and mass murder in war”. The center is affiliated with the United Nations Economic and Social Council and the World Health Organization’s Violence Prevention Alliance. It works with various institutions, organizations, and individuals to discover nonkilling human capabilities then infuse them into education and policy. CGNK also strives to apply and disseminate information about nonkilling, especially in zones of conflict, by supporting leaders and laureates of this field as well as supporting centers and institutions working towards non-killing. The center’s Nonkilling Research Committees host over 800 scholars. It has published dozens of books and organized several conferences worldwide on nonkilling alternatives and violence prevention.

Research Committees


Nonkilling Monitoring Programs

Education & Training Programs

Nonkilling Research Program

Leadership: Glenn D. Paige (Founder)
Budget: $ 50k

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