Center for Climate Strategies, The

Center for Climate Strategies, The

(2004; Washington; 7 staff;

Provides “thought leadership, outreach, training, tool development, and advanced facilitation and technical assistance to build and deploy critical new capacities in key countries and regions for integrated approaches to climate change stabilization, resilience, economic development, sustainable development goals, and other high priority issues.”   The development of a “stakeholder driven, stepwise, comprehensive, consensus building process supported the creation of over 20 governor-led climate action plans in US states, involving almost 2,000 stakeholders.”  Internationally they have worked “in the border states of Mexico in 2007 and the provinces of China in 2009. They support the “implementation of the Paris Agreement in key regions and many key countries of the world.” Overall they participate or lead 20 national and 30 international projects and programs.


Leadership: Thomas D. Peterson (Founder, President, CEO)

Note: Peterson is former Senior Advisor to the White House Climate Change Task Force. Supporters include the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Merck Family Fund.

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