Center for Climate Change Communication

Center for Climate Change Communication

(2007; George Mason University, Fairfax VA; 20 staff, 18 associates;

Works in tight cooperation with Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. Focuses on climate change communication and education.


  • Climate Change in the American Mind – Conducts nationally representative surveys to explore and track public understanding of climate change.
  • TV Weathercasters as Climate Educators – Developed a robust partnership with members of the broadcast meteorology community to help them become effective local climate educators
  • Climate and Health –Studies the health impacts of climate change, and supporting interested clinicians in their efforts to educate the public and policy makers
  • republicEn – Working to bring political conservatives back into the conversation about climate change by facilitating dialogue about free-market solutions to climate change.
  • National Park Service Partnership – A paid summer internship program.
  • Climate & Resilience Communication for the Mid-Atlantic – Conducting and providing communication research and resources to organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region with the aim of strengthening programs that address climate change and promote community resilience.


  • News, Blogs and Op-Eds
  • Climate notes, tools and solutions
  • Reports, journal articles and presentations
  • Peer-reviewed research
  • Highlight: Co-publisher of “The Francis Effect: How Pope Francis Changed the Conversation About Global Warming” (Nov 2015/92p)

Leadership: Edward Maibach (Director)

Budget: $2.7m (2016)

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