Caux Round Table

Caux Round Table (1986, Caux Sur Montreux, Switzerland; 5 staff;

An “international network of experienced business leaders” that tries to promote “Moral Capitalism” as a means to “design the intellectual strategies, management tools, and practices to strengthen private enterprise and public governance to improve our global community.”


  1. Respect stakeholders beyond shareholders. A responsible business has responsibilities beyond its investors and managers.
  2. Contribute to economic and social development.
  3. Build trust by going beyond the letter of the law.
  4. Respect rules and conventions.
  5. Support responsible globalization.
  6. Respect the environment.
  7. Avoid illicit activities.


  • Blog
  • A resource library of books, reports, toolkits, annual reports, etc.

Leadership: Stephen B. Young (Executive Director)

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