Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

In Brief

1914, New York; “Rethinking Internatl. Rels”


(1914, New York;

“Rethinking International Relations.” Established by Andrew Carnegie as the Church Peace Union. It now sponsors the Global Ethics Forum, a weekly TV series on 34 public TV stations, and the Carnegie Council Global Ethics Network with >2000 members (, a collaborative platform for global educational institutions to provide guidance on the great moral issues of our time. Supports Global Ethics Fellows and Ethics Fellows for the Future (student mentees). Publishes Policy Innovation, an online magazine for sustainable development, and a quarterly journal since 1987, Ethics & International Affairs, on issues of environment/climate change/sustainability, global governance, migration, inequality and poverty, war and peace, international law, and human rights. President: Joel H. Rosenthal; 31 staff + 10 Ethics Fellows.

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