Carbon180 (2015; Oakland CA; 8 staff;

An NGO focused on the effects of carbon misuse on our planet, carbon removal, and its potential as an innovative resource. The organization seeks to be a non-traditional NGO by accelerating the innovation needed to create an economy that takes more carbon from the atmosphere than it emits. They look at carbon as a potentially valuable resource and not merely a pollutant. Their strategy is based on “partnering with experts and change-makers across industries” to “accelerate research, smart practices, and effective policies.”


  • Forests and wetlands, which cover approximately 30% of the Earth’s land and sequester 2,000 gigatons of CO2.
  • Carbon farming, i.e., management techniques for livestock, crops, agroforestry and integrating charcoal into agricultural soil.
  • Renewable carbon capture and storage for industry and energy, including mining and manufacturing


  • A blog
  • They publish an annual report and their finances
  • A few reports on topics related to their work.
  • A monthly newsletter called Carbon Edge on carbon tech and another more general newsletter

Leadership: Noah Deich (Founder, Executive Director), Giana Amador (Founder, Managing Director)
Budget: $915,583 (2017)
Note: New name since 09/2018 – former: Center for Carbon Removal

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