Carbon Underground, The

Carbon Underground, The (2013, Los Angeles; 10 staff;

An environmental education organization that aims to “coalesce the emerging science on soil’s relationship to climate change and tell the world about a possibility to not simply slow down this threat, but reverse it.” Propagates regenerative agriculture that restores carbon in soil.

Believes that:

  1. “There is no solution to climate change that does not include drawing down legacy carbon from the atmosphere.
  2. There is no mechanism with the scale, ability, and immediacy to draw adequate amounts of carbon back down to mitigate climate change other than the restoration of soil and shift to regenerative agriculture.”


  • A small library of white paper, articles, videos, etc.

Leadership: Larry Kopald (Founder & President), Tom Newmark (Founder & Chair)
Budget: ~$70k (2018)

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