Business Fights Poverty

Business Fights Poverty (2005; 17 Staff; UK;

Description: Uses “challenges” to engage an expanding network of 20,000+ professionals with poverty-related issues with products developed in 3 to 9 months. Projects are supported by specific donor organizations.

Examples of current projects:

  • What more can international donors do to increase business’ contribution to the SDGs?
  • How can consumer goods companies harness technology to most effectively tackle modern slavery in their global supply chains?
  • How can business advance gender equality across the value chain by engaging men as allies?
  • How can we embed purpose authentically into business?

Representative publications:

  • Daily articles
  • Resilience Through Refugee-Inclusive Business
  • Advocating Together for the SDGs
  • Enabling Smallholder Farms to Increase Their Income

Leadership: Zahid Torres-Rahman and Yvette Torres-Rahman (Co-founders)
Note: No budgetary information, but they seem to be very well-heeled.

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