Breakthrough – National Centre for Climate Restoration

Breakthrough – National Centre for Climate Restoration
(2014; Melbourne; 8 contributors;

An “independent think tank that develops critical thought leadership to influence the climate debate and policy making.” Their mission is to “develop and promote strategy innovation and analysis that is essential to deliver safe climate restoration.” Their contributors provide commentary and insights based upon peer-reviewed scientific findings on topics like “high end risk management issues and response pathways.”


  • Reports
  • Guides
  • Papers
  • Film Project – Producing a documentary series on “the existential threat of climate change from a uniquely Australian economic and national security perspective.”
    • Home Front (June 2019, 16min) – First part of a documentary series that “presents some of Australia’s former security, defence and political leaders who all warn us that climate change is ‘a catalyst for conflict’ and a ‘threat multiplier’ as it fuels instability in the world’s most vulnerable regions.”
    • What Lies Beneath  (Aug. 2018, 44p.) – A report that “argues for an urgent risk reframing of climate research and the IPCC reports.” It “is the inside story of how climate policy-making has become embedded in a culture of failure and scientific reticence.” It  “brings together the voices of some of the world’s leading scientists.”

Notable Contributor: Hans Joachim Schellnhuber

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