Break Free From Plastic

Break Free From Plastic (2016, [No HQ designated], 100+ staff;

More than 8,000 organizations and individuals globally working to reduce single-use plastics and seeking permanent solutions to plastic pollution. Engages the plastics supply chain (i.e., extraction and production, manufacturing, distribution, point of sale, consumers, waste management) by “fighting petrochemicals; pushing for corporate responsibility; promoting systemic solutions; building zero waste communities; shifting the narrative; changing policies; building the movement.” #SachetAway is an example of organizational activism. It proposes that the 18th Congress of the Philippines to pass a comprehensive law banning single-use plastics. Conducts a global audit of plastic waste collected from cleanups to identify top corporate plastics polluters.

Examples of Recent Publications:

  • Plastic’s toxic additives and the circular economy (September 2020, 55 p) describing general issues concerning the problems associated with plastics and the obstacles to adopting a circular economy approach, with a particular focus on the problems related to chemical additives.
  • Plastics Pollution Lobby: A coalition against the introduction of a deposit return system in Austria (May 2020, 32p) 1.6 billion plastic bottles are placed on the market every year, which equals to 181 plastic bottles per Austrian.  PET bottles are responsible for the largest proportion of littered items found in Austria’s natural environment. Corporate lobbyists are working against a deposit return system that has been shown to be highly effective in reducing plastics pollution.
  • Talking Trash: The corporate playbook of false solutions to the plastic crisis (September 2020, 98p) Voluntary initiatives have failed to contain the plastics crisis, and companies have used these initiatives as a tactic to delay and derail legislation – while simultaneously promoting false solutions, e.g., “biodegradable” plastics.
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