Blu Skye

Blu Skye (c.2001; Healdsburg, CA; 9 staff, 5 partners;

A consulting firm with a focus on “Strategy Development, Strategy Execution Support, and Organization Development”. Works with single organizations, groups of organizations within one industry, and groups of organizations making up single supply chain systems.

An example:  a large entertainment company wanted to pursue sustainability and needed to understand the implications for its business.  It lacked an integrated sustainability strategy and the issue was not on the CEO’s radar.  Blu Skye performed a strategy assessment that consisted of a stakeholder analysis, footprint assessment, and competitor benchmarking.  The CEO subsequently chaired an Executive Steering Committee to organize the cross-corporate effort.  Partners include Niels Crone, Executive Director of CI Consulting, a joint venture of Conservation International (CI) and Blu Skye to bring natural capital sustainability into corporate agendas.


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Leadership: Jib Ellison (Founder, CEO)

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