Biopolitics International

Biopolitics International (1985, Athens;

Mission: raise awareness of current environmental problems, and accelerate the implementation of new and more effective approaches to safeguarding the earth for generations to come, by promoting a shift from an anthropocentric to a biocentric system of values in society, and to biopolicies.  If a new vision – beyond sustainable development – is not immediately implemented, there is a danger of perpetuating and not eliminating the mistakes of the past. Nine international/global goals; friends and supporters in 165 countries. In January 1990, B.I.O. launched the International University for the Bio-Environment (I.U.B.E.), with the goal to introduce essential reforms on all educational levels and promote new biocentric curricula in every academic field.  Sponsors since 1992 an international Environmental Olympics campaign, with prizes. Holds conferences and symposia. Publishes Green Salary: Reversing Unemployment in a Changing Climate by Arvanitis (2nd ed., 2013), on green buildings, green finance, careers in green energy, etc.


Education Programs:


Leadership: Prof. Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis (President and Founder)

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