Belmont Forum

Belmont Forum (2009; Paris; 5 secretariat staff;

A group of high-level representatives from agencies and organizations funding global environmental change research, “Delivering knowledge to support human action and adaptation to global environmental change.” In October 2009, the Belmont Forum became the Council of Principals for the International Group of Funding Agencies for Global Change Research (IGFA), replacing the former Steering Committee. With that new role, the Belmont Forum/IGFA CoP became the high-level decision making body for IGFA, guided by the charge embodied in the Belmont Challenge: “To deliver knowledge needed for action to avoid and adapt to detrimental environmental change including extreme hazardous events.” The five priority foci: coastal vulnerability, freshwater security, ecosystem services, carbon budgets, and most vulnerable societies. “These challenges will be integrated into a seamless, global Earth System Analysis and Prediction System.”
~100 past and present projects


Leadership: Erica Key (Executive Director)

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