BC3-Basque Center for Climate Change

BC3-Basque Center for Climate Change
(2008, Bilbao, Spain; ~30 staff; bc3research.org)

a research center that focuses on the causes and consequences of climate change.  Their goal is to “produce multidisciplinary knowledge to support decision making towards sustainable development at the international level.”

They “offer knowledge, tools, new methodologies and cross-cutting proposals, that we lead towards action in a collaborative framework with stakeholders, to design and help implement policies aimed at sustainable development.” Manages over 90 projects.

 Research Programs:

  • Climate Basis
  • Low Carbon
  • Terrestrial Ecosystems
  • Adaptation Lab
  • Integrated modelling of coupled human-natural systems
  • Cross-cutting themes


  • A library of hundreds of journal papers, books, specials, book chapters, working papers, policy briefings

Leadership: María José Sanz Sánchez (Scientific Director)

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