Asociacion ANAI

Asociacion ANAI (1978; Talamanca, Costa Rica;

A non-profit that was founded by a group of activists who “came together and dedicated their lives to work toward integrating the wellbeing of nature and people” in the Talamanca region and the tropics in general.


  • Coastal Lowland Initiative – A “landscape level initiative sought to contribute to nature conservation and local peoples’ wellbeing in the Caribbean coastal lowland and near shore marine area in southeastern Costa Rica.”
  • Stream Bio-monitoring – Builds on the concept of biomonitoring that “flows from the realization that plants and animals reflect the health of their environment, and that it is often easier to ‘ask’ the organisms living in a place about their environment than it is to carry out a battery of chemical and physical measurements.”
  • Talamanca Biodiversity and Sustainable Development Initiative – Works to protect the 3,000 square kilometer region of Talamanca in “Costa Rica that stretches from the Caribbean ocean to country’s highest peaks in the Talamanca Cordillera. It is one of the most biologically and culturally diverse places on the planet.”
  • Contributions Beyond Talamanca – An umbrella project, for all work that goes beyond the Talamanca region.

Leadership: Bill McLarney

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